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Erin Recommends Melinda Hoey

Mindy has been wonderful to work with! My husband and I are in our 30's with young children so we are not, by any means, knowledgeable in legal matters pertaining to the "what if" questions of our home, property, and most importantly, our children, if something were to happen to us. Thankfully, Mindy is! We didn't think we had enough "stuff" or money to have a trust but when Mindy sits down with you to "lay it all out", it is quite shocking what one actually has! She made us feel very comfortable through the entire process and confident that we were making the right decisions in protecting our family. We started truthfully not even knowing what a trust was, we just knew we did not want our children and belongings in the court system, and ended with the confidence and knowledge of how a trust works and how everything will be handled if the worst happens. Mindy made this process easy to understand- she speaks in layman's terms which is not always the case with lawyers! I would highly recommend meeting with Mindy if you are even slightly concerned with the "what if's or what would happen to my family if I were gone" questions. She's truly interested in what is best for you and your family and is not pushy at all. She's caring and empathetic, educated and down-to-earth!

– Erin

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