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Hello, I am Melinda Hoey, your Personal Family Lawyer®.  

A little bit about me- I haven't always been a lawyer.  I went to college, worked for a large company for several years, then decided to go to law school.  My background gives me a unique perspective.  I've been a client before, so I know how clients want to be treated.  Learning about the law was eye opening for me.  I realized what a difference it makes to understand your legal rights.  Lawyers are not just for wealthy people- everyone has an estate.  I am a lawyer for regular people, like myself.  

Law school opened my eyes to the importance of estate planning.  Here I was, a professional with two minor children, and I had nothing in place for my family.  I suddenly understood the risk that my family was in if something happened to me. I knew that if I didn't know this, that there were many other people in the same situation who also didn't know.  My goal is to educate the community.  I always thought that estate planning was something that you do around retirement age.  It is.  But I hadn't realized until then that it is also something that you should do at every stage of life!  Two groups in particular need estate planning but may not know it- single people and people with minor children.  My goal is to serve the community by teaching these groups why this is so important.  

On a personal note, my family includes my husband, two teenage daughters, and our cat, Zoey.  I love spending time at the lakes in NW Wisconsin.  I love it so much that I named my law firm after these lakes.  To me, the lakefront represents Wisconsin and family.  My logo was inspired by a family of loons that lived at our lake one summer.  I watched the parents zealously protect the small, helpless twin baby loons.  Then they grew up and parted ways in the fall.  By this time, the baby loons knew how to fish.  They knew how to protect themselves from the bald eagle that was always after them.   In some ways, this represents what we want to accomplish with estate planning.  We want to do everything we can to set up our loved ones for success when we are gone.  

Watch one of my webinars to learn more and then click to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. My goal is to be your trusted advisor now and in the future.  

I hope to speak with you soon!


Loon Family Summer 2020

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    Mindy has been wonderful to work with! My husband and I are in our 30's with young children so we are not, by any means, knowledgeable in legal matters pertaining to the "what if" questions of our home, property, and most importantly, our children, if something were to happen to us. Thankfully, M...

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